Catherine Garceau

Catherine Garceau is a dynamic health motivator and speaker. Catherine’s unconventional healing path began after her life as an Olympian (in synchronized swimming) when she discovered that chlorinated water was a big part of the toxic environment that was making her sick. As she dove deep into the world of water and wellness, she learned about many other sources of toxicity found in our world today, including her unfelt and unresolved emotions.

In 2006, during a life altering day and night spent caught in the Red Rocks of Las Vegas, Catherine’s mission to educate and inspire others was birthed. With her eyes set on inspiring a wave of healthier pools free from chlorine byproducts, Catherine knew that cleaning up the water we drink and bathe in wasn’t enough…Thus, gathering insight from her battles with eating disorders and completing certificates in psychology of eating and body-mind nutrition, she developed EAT 360 – Emotional Awareness Training for 360 Degrees of Nourishment – to help women gain freedom in their relationship with food, body and mind.

Physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, she believes that wholeness occurs from having faith and courage and from embracing each life lesson as an opportunity to embody strength and to own our radiance. Catherine’s energy and enthusiasm inspires us to discover our own pearls of wisdom as we realize the incredible possibilities that life has to offer.