Olympic Medalist Catherine Garceau Recounts True Tale of Survival & Success: An Insider’s Story of Olympic Trials and Real-Life Struggles

For an Olympic athlete, the quest for excellence can take a heavy toll. Catherine Garceau, a 2000 Bronze Medalist, has paid a heavy price since her victory, dealing with numerous physical and psychological issues experienced and ‘stuffed down’ during her years of constant training and single-minded focus. Training at the Olympic level can have a dark side; depression, anxiety attacks, and eating disorders are more prevalent than anyone knows. The stress of constant training so often becomes both a cause and a cover for great physical and psychological troubles.

In her upcoming book, Swimming Out of Water: How an Olympian’s Struggle Inspired Breakthrough Discoveries in Health and Well-Being (Morgan James Publishers, July 2012), Catherine talks candidly about life before, during, and after the Olympics. She recounts how she became a healthier person AFTER she stopped competing. Now with certificates in eating psychology and mind/body nutrition, she is also advocates a reduction of chlorine by-products in pools. Prolonged exposure to high levels of chlorine by-products can be toxic, and has been linked to numerous health issues including asthma and other chronic respiratory ailments, skin irritations, digestive issues, and hormonal disruptions, all of which she personally struggled with. Catherine advises competitive and leisure swimmers on how to swim smart, swim safe, and also champions new pool filtration innovations that lower chlorine by-products for healthier swimming pool environments.

Despite some of the tough topics she covers in her book, Catherine (a mermaid at heart) is a staunch supporter of the Olympic experience and of aquatics, and she has a delightfully upbeat delivery and energy that make her a great interview.